8 Websites Linux Users Should Have bookmarked

Considering you already follow us, we have your back for the most essential Linux requirements.

However, when it comes to Linux, there is always something to learn, even for all the Linux experts out there. 👨‍💻👩‍💻

So, there are some websites and blogs that are helpful for both newbies and experienced Linux users.

Let me list some of the best options for you to bookmark.

1. ArchWiki

arch wiki website screenshot

ArchWiki is a platform for all kinds of information. Whether it is about a tool, a security technology, an installer, a desktop environment, or anything else, you can find insights about it on ArchWiki.

Technically, it serves as the documentation portal for the Arch Linux distribution. However, you can find tutorials, guides, FAQs, and other essential information regarding numerous things to help you even if you do not use Arch Linux.

The information is well-presented, thoroughly reviewed/updated, and easy to read.

2. Explainshell

explainshell website screenshot

Explainshell is an interesting portal that helps you identify the arguments used in a command in one go.

Usually, you search for manpages or information on commands separately. Explainshell should accelerate the process to get you the information needed along with the link to its manpage.

Primarily, it displays information sourced from Ubuntu’s manpage repository. So, whether you are installing a software, working on a Git commit, connecting to SSH, you can break down all the commands using Explainshell.

3. Crontab.guru

crontab guru

If you create cron jobs and schedules to automate things, Crontab.guru is a handy website.

You can just enter the expression that you intend to use in your cron job, and get details if it will work as you expect. For correct expressions, it will reflect the schedule you want to set with the cron job.

As a bonus, even if you are new to cron jobs, it will highlight which is the month/day/week field in the editor.

If it looks correct to you, proceed or edit it to rectify and use it.

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4. Distrowatch

distrowatch website screenshot

Distrowatch is one portal every Linux user may already know. It is popular for listing trending Linux distributions. Some even consider the popularity chart to see if their favorite distribution ranks higher than others.

You can get updates on the latest distribution releases, ones that you may not have heard ever before, along with a summarized changelog for new releases.

If you subscribe to its newsletter, they also publish distro reviews and cover some development news. For users looking to keep up on the latest distributions, this is your bookmark.

5. Phoronix

phoronix website screenshot

Phoronix is one of the oldest Linux websites out there with the best hardware-focused content.

Whether you are looking for a benchmark on Linux with the latest processor or a distribution’s performance, Phoronix has it. You also get a regular dose of news and development updates in the Linux world as an extra.

6. Ubuntu Blog

ubuntu blog

Canonical’s blog is all about Ubuntu, its developments, enterprise updates, and other technological advances.

If you want to keep up with everything around Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Blog is the best place to have bookmarked. Whether you are an IoT enthusiast, or a robotics engineer making use of Ubuntu, there’s always something happening.

And, to be honest, you can never get all these updates from any particular blog considering Ubuntu is everywhere.

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7. GamingOnLinux


While we do cover some gaming updates and have a gaming guide for you, GamingOnLinux is the ultimate portal for everything on Linux gaming and Steam Deck.

Whether it is about a development change, a new game, SteamOS releases, SteamVR, or a sale that could matter to Linux users, you can find all about it.

8. /r/Linux on Reddit

Even though Reddit is no longer the place it used to be, the Subreddits are still worth a follow.

The Linux subreddit is a community to bookmark for the latest happenings in the open-source and Linux universe. You may not find the fellow Redditors as friendly as one would expect, but as long as you want to keep an eye on updates, a bookmark suits it.

What Do I Keep Bookmarked?

I love Phoronix’s hardware insights and Distrowatch’s updates on newer distro projects. So, those two websites are always in my bookmark list.

What should you have bookmarked?

Well, if you are a desktop user using Ubuntu, Canonical’s blog should be great to keep up with newer releases and explanations on newer features. For a gamer, GamingOnLinux is a one-stop portal.

In case you are always curious and want to know how things work/what it is – ArchWiki should be your go-to reference.

Of course, for all things Linux, we try our best not to disappoint you. So, do not forget to bookmark us as well!😉

💬 What are your favorite websites to bookmark? Let me know in the comments down below!

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