FOSS Weekly #23.35: Linux Kernel 6.5, GNOME Search, Productivity Tips and More

Linux Kernel 6.5 is the obvious big release. However, there are two major browser releases this week.

Firefox 117 teases a built-in translation tool and Vivaldi 6.2 which packs significant performance upgrades under the hood.

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💬 Let’s see what you get in this edition of FOSS Weekly:

  • New Kali Linux and Mageia releases
  • Mastering GNOME Activities search
  • Productivity tools and tips
  • And other Linux news, videos, Puzzles and, of course, memes!

📰 Linux news

Firefox 117 Release Adds Automated Translation Feature SupportFirefox 117 release brings along necessary improvements and a new feature support for the upcoming upgrade.

🧠 What we’re thinking about

Time for Linux to speed up its booting game?

FreeBSD can now boot in 25 millisecondsOn AWS Firecracker – but there are other new micro-VM engines around, too

🧮 Tips and Tutorials

Here are some simple but effective tips to be more productive on Linux.

10 Ways to be More Productive on Linux DesktopThese tips and tools will help you increase your productivity in a Linux environment.

You can use the open source LanguageTool for enhanced grammar checking in LibreOffice.

Supercharge Grammar Check in LibreOffice With LanguageToolThe open source LanguageTool can also be integrated with LibreOffice Writer to provide a better grammatically accurate writing experience.

Some KDE users find it annoying. The good thing is that it can be easily disabled.

How to Turn Off KDE Wallet?Don’t like KDE Wallet popping up every now and then? Here’s how to disable it.

GNOME’s activity search area is highly underrated. Learn some useful tips in this article.

7 Tips to Get More Out of GNOME Search in LinuxYou are missing out on lots of built-in search features in the GNOME desktop environment. Learn something new.

📹 What we are watching

Not gonna lie, it is surprising to see Apple doing this.

🎟️ Event alert

Open Source Summit Europe edition will take place in Bilbao, Spain from 19-21 September 2023.

If you are willing to attend, you can use the coupon code OSSEU23FOSS20 and get a 20% discount.

Open Source Summit Europe | Linux Foundation EventsThe premier vendor-neutral conference for open source developers and technologists to collaborate, share information and learn about the latest technologies and innovations across open source.

✨ Project highlights

Bring order to your research — use the power of Tropy to organize and describe your research photos so you can find your sources whenever you need them.

Tropy: An Open-Source App to Organize Your Research PhotosAn app to help you explore research photos, and documents without losing out on important contextual information about them.

🧩 Puzzle (for Pro members only)

A new kind of puzzle this week where you have to reorder tiles as per description.

Puzzle of The Week: Reorder #1Exercise those ‘little gray cells’ of yours and solve this puzzle.

💡 Quick handy tip

On Google Chrome and (hopefully) on other Chromium-based browsers, select a portion of text on an article and then right-click.

Then, select “Copy link to highlight”. Share this link with others so that they can directly read the highlighted portion.

🤣 Meme of the week

I bow down to you, my lord.

🗓️ Tech Trivia

On August 29, 1831, Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction. It is the core principle behind electric motors and electric generators, two significant inventions that power and drive the electronic technology of today.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 FOSSverse corner

An interesting discussion regarding the state of accessibility in the FOSS world.

Accessibility in LinuxA few days ago, I made a social media post about how terrible the license practices for many major software packages had become (especially: renting instead of owning), and made a stand for using Linux and FOSS software as well as open document formats, especially in public institutions and corporat…

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