Firefox 106 Lands with Back-Forward Swipe Gesture Support

The popular open source web browser has been updated to version 106 and includes a pair of features that should excite many users…with a caveat. But first, the features.

With the release of Firefox 106, users will be greeted with the ability to use trackpad gestures (two-finger swipes left and right) to go backward and forward in the browser. Although this feature has bounced in and out of the browser, previously it required using the Alt key to make it work. Now, the Alt key isn’t necessary.

However, the caveat is that this feature only works with Wayland, so X11 users are out of luck. If, however, Wayland is your X server of choice, the feature works flawlessly.

The next big addition to Firefox 106 is the PDF annotator. This new feature uses the built-in PDF viewer and allows you to load a PDF in Firefox such that you can take freehand notes within a PDF. With this new feature, you can adjust the size, font, and color and even move annotations around as needed.

Other new additions to Firefox 106 include the Firefox View, which makes it easy to view tabs from other Firefox instances that are connected to your Firefox account, and a darker Private mode.

You can download Firefox 106 from the Mozilla site or wait for your distribution of choice to pick it up in its standard repositories. To find out more about Firefox 106, read the official release notes.

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