Linux Magazine Archive DVD …

Linux Magazine Archive DVD

Linux Magazine Archive DVD

This month’s DVD includes the 2022 edition of the Linux Magazine Archive DVD – every previous issue of Linux Magazine on a single, searchable disc. Browse the pages of every article we’ve ever published, and experience our special brand of technical yet accessible how-to insights.

If you want to learn about a common tool in the open source space, search this disc – we’ve probably written about it more than once over the last 22 years. Catch all the articles you missed – on scripting, system administration, security, containers, cloud computing, Raspberry Pi, and more! Discover desktop applications that will save you time and simplify your life, and relive important moments in the history of Linux: the SCO case, the Novell/Microsoft pact, the birth of Git, the mobile revolution, and more.

Many older issues are out of print, experience them all through the Linux Magazine Archive DVD!

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