Deepin 23 Preview Release is Available For Testing

Deepin has long been considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing Linux distributions on the market. Released on August 15, the new preview includes three new features that are sure to excite users.

First off is the new Linglong package formate, developed by Deepin. The reason the developers have given life to this new format is to solve compatibility problems caused by the dependency issues brought about by traditional package formats. Linglong will be available to any Linux distribution and supports incremental updates and managing/distributing/sandboxing of apps. You can already check out the apps available in the Linglong market.

Next, Deepin 23 will include atomic updates, which will go a long way to prevent problems should an upgrade fail. Along those same lines, Deepin will include an independent upstream repository. Other additions/changes to Deepin 23 include new wallpapers and the HWE 5.18 kernel.

It’s important to note that you cannot upgrade Deepin 20 to v23 at the moment. So, if you want to give this preview release a try, you’ll have to start with a fresh installation.

You can read more in the changelog and download a preview ISO from the official Deepin download site. Remember, however, that this is a preview release, so expect plenty of bugs and issues.

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