The First Point Release For Ubuntu 22.04 is Now Available

Point releases for operating systems tend to not garner much excitement. However, Canonical has pulled off the unthinkable and made a point release not only a must-install, but the first version of the OS to offer a simplified path to upgrading from LTS to LTS. Users still on version 20.04 will eventually be prompted to upgrade to 22.04.1, without having to touch the command line. That’s a huge step forward and will make migrating to the latest LTS release far simpler than having to run a collection of commands.

Other improvements include the latest versions of several toolchains and frameworks, such as Rust, Ruby, Go, PHP, Perl, OpenCV, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and Kubeflow. Users will also find kernel 5.15.0-46 under the hood along with a new Hardware Enablement stack for updated graphics drivers.

Smaller improvements/fixes include the latest point release for GNOME 42 (which defaults to Wayland), LibreOffice 7.3, NetworkManager 1.36, new Snap apps for Steam, Kdenlive, Discord, and OBS Studio, and a much-improved Firefox Snap package (which starts much faster than previous Snap versions).

Read about the latest release in the official release notes and download your copy from Canonical now.

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