Fedora Linux is Coming to the Raspberry Pi 4

Fedora Linux has been available for desktops, servers, and even IoT devices. However, if you wanted to install the OS on the Raspberry Pi 4 device, you were out of luck. Until now. With the upcoming release of Fedora 37, support for the devices will might well finally become a reality. Although not official, it has become a proposed change and will be implemented if it receives approval from the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee.

The reason the Raspberry Pi 4 has yet to be supported by Fedora Linux, has been the lack of accelerated graphics. However, with upstream work on the kernel and Mesa (specifically the V3D GPU for both OpenGL-ES and Vulkan), it’s now just a matter of enabling support. The one caveat is that support for Wi-Fi on the Raspberry Pi 400 is not a part of this (although testing for audio support is).

According to the Raspberry Pi 4 Fedora Wiki Page, “The support for the Raspberry Pi ecosystem has been an ongoing evolution. The aim of this change is to support the Raspberry Pi 4 including the 4B, the 400, and the CM4 with IO board. Upstream now supports accelerated graphics using the V3D GPU for both OpenGL-ES and Vulkan. There’s also enhancement to wired networking with support for PTPv2 on the CM4/4B.”

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