KaOS 2022.06 Now Available With KDE Plasma 5.25

KaOS was first created in 2013 as a Linux distribution that focuses on the KDE Desktop Environment. The original goal was to create a highly polished KDE experience, which the developers achieved quite well. And with the latest release, that experience is made even better with the addition of KDE Plasma 5.25 and a number of other additions and enhancements.

As to what else has been added to KaOS, you’ll see KDE Frameworks 5.95, KDE Gear 22.04.2, Calamares 3.3, LibreOffice as the default office suite (a change from Calligra), Linux kernel 5.17 (which adds improved support for GPUs), and a new package selection addition to the onboarding Welcome screen.

Of course, at the heart of KaOS 2022.06 is KDE Plasma 5.25, which adds a host of improvements, including improved gesture support, tints for window accent colors, a much-improved touch mode, 10-bit color for Kdenlive, many enhancements to Kate, and an enhanced Settings dialog.

For those that are curious, LibreOffice became the default office suite, since it is now available as a single Qt application. 

To read more about the latest release, check out the KaOS news page and download an ISO from here.

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