Lightweight Internet communications with the simple Gemini Protocol

Create Gemini pages to show sensor data or control a Raspberry Pi rover.

The Gemini Protocol [1] is a relatively new Internet communication protocol for accessing remote documents. Unlike an HTML web page that contain layers of style sheets, JavaScript, and HTML tags, a Gemini document is a simple readable document.

Gemini’s Gemtext format is easy to learn, requiring about five codes. Children or new coders could easily put together a small documentation server or custom application server without many programming skills.

In this article, I introduce the Gemini protocol with three simple projects. The first project creates a Gemini server and client with just one line of Bash code. In the second project, a Bash script creates a common gateway interface (CGI) page that connects to a sensor to show temperature and humidity data. The third project uses Gemini document links to control Raspberry Pi general purpose input/output (GPIO) pins to drive a rover.


Use Express-Checkout link below to read the full article (PDF).

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