Exploring the BlueSpice wiki tool

Keep your team collaborating with BlueSpice, a wiki tool focused on professional customers.

MediaWiki [1] is the open source, highly collaborative knowledge management tool that runs the world’s sixth largest website: Wikipedia. Wiki solutions such as MediaWiki make it easy for large communities to collaborate, offering common access to an information store with built-in editing tools and version control.

MediaWiki is designed to serve a vast community on a global scale, but what if you need to serve a less diverse audience of users in a local or organizational setting? Wikis are excellent tools for business because they support central storage of shared information and eliminate the knowledge bottlenecks that occur when knowledge is shared haphazardly through email and personal connections.

Several open source projects support wiki tools for business environments, including XWiki, DokuWiki, and BlueSpice (for a comparison of these projects, see [2]). BlueSpice, from Hallo Welt!, is a German MediaWiki distribution that focuses on usability in enterprise environments. BlueSpice 4.1 [3], released in early 2022, offers a large set of features. The best way to determine whether a tool such as BlueSpice is right for your company is to set it up and explore it. In this article, we’ll show how to set up BlueSpice in a typical enterprise setting.


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