Boost your Wordle streak with Go

Wordle, a simple online word game, took the world by storm in February. Mike Schilli has developed a command-line tool to boost his Wordle streak using some unapproved tactics.

It’s often difficult to predict what will fail and what will generate massive hype, but no one would have expected the Scrabble-style Wordle [1] game to become an Internet hit in 2022. Entire magazine articles deal with the phenomenon [2], people at work show off their results every day, and the New York Times acquired the game from the developer for millions of dollars [3].

The game involves guessing a five-letter word. If the player enters the word correctly, they win the game. If the player’s guess doesn’t quite get the word, the game marks letters that are in the word and in the right place in green and letters that are in the word but in the wrong place in yellow. Wordle marks guessed letters that do not appear in the target word in gray. To win, you have to guess the word in no more than six attempts, using the app’s clues in the smartest way possible.

Automate Me!

Worlde picks words from the Scrabble dictionary, but excludes conjugations or plurals as solutions. In the English version, CAMEL would appear, but not CAKES. Alas, Wordle will accept all five-letter Scrabble words, including plurals, as guesses, of which there are 12,972 in the English language [4].


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