Titan Linux is a New KDE Linux Based on Debian Stable

With a foundation built on the Debian Stable Branch, Titan Linux takes a functional, yet a minimal approach to KDE Plasma to create an operating system that is as functional as it is performant. Titan Linux features a minimal KDE Plasma desktop, the stable LTS kernel, a wide range of hardware support, a large independent community of supporters, and a brand new management system, called the Titan Toolbox that makes it possible to manage the operating system with a single click.

This new distribution is built with the end-user in mind and eliminates the dependency on meta-packages to create a remarkably stable system. Titan Linux defaults to a global dark theme and adds just enough eye candy to make it elegant, without bogging down the system.

Currently, Titan Linux is led by Matthew Moore and Cobalt Rogue serves as the head developer.

The source for Titan Linux can be viewed and downloaded from the official Titan Linux GitHub page and you can download an ISO image to install.

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