Danielle Foré Has an Update for elementary OS 7

When James Cassidy Blaede left elementary OS, many of us assumed it would mean the death knell for the operating system. If the new leader, Danielle Foré has any say in the matter (which she very much does), the distribution will live on. The proof is in the recent news that they have not only announced updates for version 6.1, but are preparing for the upcoming 7.0 release.

Although there’s no hard release date for 7.0, they’ve announced a codename (Horus) and that the team is focusing on a swift release over adding a host of new features for the initial release. That means the evolution from 6.1 to 7.0 will be subtle.

Some of the features they are planning for 7.0 include automatic app updates and power profiles. As well, 7.0 will debut the minimalist Music app as well as the migration of some components migrating to Gtk4 (which should bring much-improved performance and smoother animations).

One thing 7.0 won’t do is make the switch to Wayland. Although they are preparing for the shift, elementary OS isn’t ready for the jump.

Find out more about what’s in store on the official elementary OS blog. 

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