Freeing home IoT and WiFi

Closed IoT devices can use unexpected bandwidth “reporting home,” pointing to a need for free devices to allow the user more control over their household gadgets and WiFi use.

Recently, I upgraded my home Internet to fiber and 1Gbps symmetric service, so I theoretically get 1Gbps communication up and down from my provider.

For most people, that translates to a thought pattern of “I can move data at 1Gbps from my laptop/desktop/phone” which can be fairly far from the truth.

Because of overhead in communications, you can look for between five and 10 percent loss in your throughput, even in the best of all possible situations. Therefore you might see 995Mbps to 990Mbps as actual data throughput, even with a Cat 6 cable of four feet hard wired to the LAN ports of your WiFi router.


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