A professional DAW for Linux

Linux users looking for a professional digital audio workstation can now take advantage of Reaper’s large feature set.

While no digital audio workstation (DAW) can do everything, Reaper [1] offers an extremely comprehensive feature set without compromising on quality. Reaper’s strength lies in its attractive pricing, flexibility, low resource consumption, and possibly the largest DAW feature set on the market.

Until recently, Cockos, the development team behind Reaper, resisted the temptation to launch a Linux version, instead pointing to useful performance with Wine. However, with the Reaper 6 release, an unsupported alpha for Linux unexpectedly appeared. With the following minor release, Reaper now offers an official Linux version.

Fat Beats for Linux

Because Cockos does not bother with advertising, Reaper’s price is low. A normal license costs $60; if you make more than $20,000 per year with Reaper, the identical program version costs $225. One license is valid for two major versions. So, if you buy Reaper 6 now, you will also get Reaper 7 later on. Before you purchase Reaper, you can try out the program for 60 days without any restrictions or newsletter sign-up obligations.


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