In the news: Linux Mint 20.3 Now…

In the news: Linux Mint 20.3 Now Available; Linux Gets an Exciting New Firmware Feature; elementary OS 6.1 Has Been Released; Intel Releases Linux Patch for Alder Lake Thread Director; New Multiplatform Backdoor Malware Targets Linux, macOS, and Windows; and WhiteSource Releases Free Log4j Detection Tool.

Linux Mint 20.3 Now Available

Users of the popular Linux Mint distribution can celebrate the new year by downloading a new release, version 20.3 ( This latest iteration is based on Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS. Although it doesn’t have any game-changing new features, it does offer a lot of subtle UI tweaks and a very helpful document manager app.

As for the polish, the default Mint theme doesn’t lean so much on the color green and includes larger titlebars, bigger controls, and rounded corners. A number of the default apps also default to a dark theme.

Some of the app improvements include the calendar tool showing events from multiple sources, some tweaks to the Nemo file manager (including the ability to rename a moved or copied file to avoid overwriting a duplicate), new styling for the run dialog, major updates to the Notes app (which includes a new search function), a channel search option for Hypnotic (Mint’s internet TV app), and the ability to switch between tabs with the Ctrl+Tab keyboard shortcut with the Xed text editor.


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