Extract and analyze GPS data with Go

For running statistics on his recorded hiking trails, Mike Schilli turns to Go to extract the GPS data while relying on plotters and APIs for a bit of geoanalysis.

The GPX data of my hiking trails, which I recorded with the help of geotrackers and apps like Komoot [1], hold some potential for statistical analysis. On which days was I on the move, and when was I lazy? Which regions were my favorites for hiking, and in which regions on the world map did I cover the most miles?

No matter where the GPX files come from – whether recorded by a Garmin tracker or by an app like Komoot that lets you download the data from its website [2] – the recorded data just screams to be put through more or less intelligent analysis programs. For each hike or bike ride, the tours/ directory (Figure 1) contains one file in XML format (Figure 2). Each of these GPX files consists of a series of geodata recorded with timestamps. In each case, the data shows the longitude and latitude determined using GPS, from which, in turn, you can determine a point on the Earth’s surface, visited at a given time.


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