Parrot OS 4.11 and Fedora…

Parrot OS 4.11 and Fedora Workstation 35

Parrot OS 4.11


The Parrot Project is an Italian-based distribution based on the Debian Testing repository with an emphasis on security. Although regular releases are made, Parrot OS is also a rolling release, enhancing security with the latest updates.

Parrot OS is available in three editions: Security, Home, and ARM. The Security Edition, which is set up for everything from penetration testing to digital forensics and reverse engineering, includes a wide variety of programming tools. The Home Edition on this month’s DVD includes many of the security features found on the Security Edition. The Home Edition features Tor (aka The Onion Router), the well-known tool for anonymous web browsing; OnionShare, which shares files of any size over Tor; and AnonSurfer, which routes the operating system’s communications over Tor. Other tools include the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet for secure trading of crypto currencies and the self-explanatory metadata cleaner and secure file deleter.

Parrot OS deals with many advanced security concepts and tools. However, by placing the tools on a desktop environment, Parrot makes privacy and security accessible to users of all levels. If you are a new user, Parrot is one of the best distributions to teach you what you need to know to keep your computing safe.

Fedora Workstation 35

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