An Amiga emulator for the Raspberry Pi 400

Convert a Raspberry Pi 400 into a retro computer that behaves like the popular Amiga 500.

The Commodore Amiga was more than a gaming platform; its graphical interface, Workbench, was way ahead of its time. The Amiga models [1] rank among the particularly popular home computers of the 1980s and 1990s. The A500, A1200, and several other Amigas had the motherboard and a floppy drive integrated into the keyboard case. More professional variants like the A3000 were built more like a PC and housed the mainboard, expansion cards, and drives in a desktop or tower case.

According to Wikipedia [1], the Amiga 500 is the best-selling model, which is what prompted Retro Games Ltd. to launch a replica to be released in March 2022, dubbed the A500 Mini (Figure 1) [2]. The manufacturer is already known for reissues of other Commodore computers, such as the C64 (in miniature format and full size with a working keyboard) and VC20 (full size only).

For a good Amiga emulation, you don’t have to wait for the A500 Mini. Emulators are available for practically all platforms (even for the old MS-DOS) that bring that Amiga feel to other hardware with varying levels of setup overhead. In the Raspberry Pi world, the Pi 400 is a very good choice for use as an Amiga emulator because, like the original keyboard Amigas, it combines a keyboard, mainboard, and storage device in a single housing.


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