Privacy with a Home Server

FreedomBox offers a private, secure personal server that is now available on more platforms and with its own base system from Olimex.

Over two years ago, I wrote an article [1] about the FreedomBox Foundation and how the FreedomBox software [2] allows you to set up a private, secure personal server that can plug into an outlet in your home.

The project was started over 12 years ago by Dr. Eben Moglen, lawyer and law professor at Columbia University and author of the first version of GPL 3.x, among many other accomplishments. Moglen was concerned about people putting their most personal and private data on corporate clouds and sending the data over public networks.

Moglen conceived of a very small server that could be installed and used at home. He talked about it and people joined the project.


Use Express-Checkout link below to read the full article (PDF).

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