An accessible Arch Linux derivative

As an outgrowth of the now-defunct Antergos community, EndeavorOS offers a customizable Arch Linux derivative that’s easy to install with the added benefit of community support.

In the past few years, distributions based on Arch Linux have become more popular. Perhaps their popularity reflects the growing expertise of Linux users, but both Antergos and Manjaro have both been in the top five for page views on DistroWatch. In the past year, EndeavourOS [1], a distribution based in the Netherlands, has also appeared in this spot, holding steady in second or third on the list.

EndeavourOS occupies a definite position among Arch derivatives. Where Manjaro offers an Ubuntu-like desktop experience, Endeavour’s focus is on getting users to a successful command-line install with less difficulty than Arch Linux and then assisting with all the resources needed for customization. Similarly, where Arch seems arcanely advanced, EndeavourOS emphasizes the pleasure of learning and doing things your way. As the project’s front page says, “If you like to roll up your sleeves and go on an adventure, then you might want to give us a try.” Recently, I talked with Bryan Poerwoatmodjo, one of EndeavourOS’s founders, about where the distribution has been and where it’s going.

Linux Magazine (LM): How did you come to be involved with free software?


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