Monitor your media with Hard Disk Sentinel

Hard Disk Sentinel helps you monitor mass storage devices with a fully automated process minus the bells and whistles.

Mass storage devices are taking on an increasingly central role in modern PCs due to the daily increasing flood of data. This makes it all the more important for users in the private sector and in the enterprise to keep an eye on the storage systems installed in their computers, to avoid data loss due to defects or overheating. The Hard Disk Sentinel [1] program helps you keep a permanent eye on the data media so that you always have a current status for your mass storage devices.


Hard Disk Sentinel, which originates from Hungary, has become the industry standard in the field of professional mass storage maintenance on non-Linux operating systems over the past 10 years. The proprietary software is available, for a fee, in several versions for these operating systems.

For Linux, there is a free variant that continually monitors important operating parameters of the mass storage devices [2]. The variant is available for both 32- and 64-bit systems. The two packed tar archives, around 2.5MB each, are available for download from the manufacturer’s website.


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