A proven file manager

Worker, a file manager with more than 20 years of development, has evolved into a tested, powerful, and functional tool.

Two-pane file managers have been around for a long time. Classic examples include Norton Commander, Total Commander, DiskMaster, and Directory Opus. Created in the same vein, Worker [1], a two-pane file manager for the X Window System, has been actively developed since 1998. Many of Worker’s features were developed to meet practical needs, resulting in a functional file and directory management tool.

You can find Worker as worker or workerfm in the package sources of most common distributions. On Arch Linux and derivatives, the program is available via the Arch User Repository. However, the Worker package found in your distribution’s repository may not be the latest 4.9.x version. Using the latest version of the program typically requires some DIY work. Having said this, Worker has only minimal dependencies (see Table 1) and can therefore be compiled on almost any system without too much trouble. After downloading the source code [2] and unpacking it, use the code in Listing 1 to compile Worker

Getting Started

When first launched, Worker checks for an existing configuration before opening the main window; an existing configuration can be from an older version of the application. If needed, the start routine will update the configuration (Figure 1).


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