MX Linux 21 RC Candidate Available For Testing

MX Linux is a midweight Linux distribution that aims to be simple and stable. The distribution is available in three different flavors: Xfce, KDE Plasma, and Fluxbox. This new iteration of the distribution is based on Debian 11 (Bullseye), which includes all of the latest components and security patches.

All three editions include a new mx-comfort theme and the developers have worked diligently to clear away as many bugs as possible for the release candidate.

Features that you can expect in MX Linux 21 include Thunar Shares plugin for the Thunar file manager (for Samba access) and user password for admin tasks by default in the Xfce edition; pre-configured setups for the Fluxbox edition panel; and the KDE Plasma edition comes with an updated Dolphin file manager (which includes a fix for the “Save desktop changes” crash issue). All three versions benefit from new and updated applications, a new installer partition selection area (which includes some LVM support if an LVM volume already exists), and new UEFI live system boot menus.

You can download the RC releases with the following links: Xfce, KDE Plasma, Fluxbox.

Read more in the official MX Linux 21 RC release notes.

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