Write, share, and publish documents with HedgeDoc

HedgeDoc lets you write documents collaboratively in Markdown and publish them online.

Markdown syntax [1] provides an easy way to create rich text documents out of plain text files. The magic of Markdown (see the “Markdown” box) is more than mere paragraphs, titles, and subtitles – you can also work with high-end features such as slideshows and embedded videos.

Several available tools help users create, read, and edit Markdown files, but one of my favorites is HedgeDoc [2], a web-based Markdown editor and online publisher. HedgeDoc, the open source version of the online editing service HackMD [3], lets you create Markdown documents and publish them online from any browser. In addition, HedgeDoc lets you work collaboratively, making it useful for schools or organizations that need to create shared documents in a reusable format. HedgeDoc is also a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Docs or other commercial document services.


HedgeDoc is a website, usable from desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, that looks and acts like a text editor or simple word processor. While HedgeDoc is reminiscent of Google Docs and Etherpad, HedgeDoc has the ability to show both the actual Markdown source code and the HTML web page preview (Figure 2).


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