Managing and monitoring computer labs

If your school’s computer lab consists of Linux machines, Epoptes provides an interesting alternative to conventional management and monitoring programs.

For most students, lessons in the computer lab are a welcome change from the traditional classroom setting. However, especially for younger elementary students, learning on a computer can also be a distraction, making it hard for teachers to keep a student’s attention on the current lesson.

Digital classroom management software can help solve this issue by letting the teacher control the students’ computers to ensure that the screen content does not constantly distract students. Linux offers several open source management solutions for school computer labs, including the well-known Veyon [1].

In this article, I explore another option, Epoptes (Greek for overseer) [2]. Epoptes offers an equally sophisticated client-server solution for managing and monitoring Linux-based computer labs, with the added advantage of being easy to set up and maintain.


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