Debian 11 and Redcore Linux 2101 …

Debian 11 and Redcore Linux 2101

Debian 11


Compared to other distributions, Debian releases are rare. Debian 11, code-named Bullseye, is the first Debian release in two years. As a long-term support release, it next will be updated in 2026.

Debian has never tried to be a cutting-edge release, and Debian 11 is no exception. Its new features are conservative. For example, systemd now turns on journal logs by default, and security is enhanced by using yescrypt instead of SHA-512. One new package treats printers as a network device and extends driverless printing for both printers and scanning, while a new open command starts files from the command line with a specified app. And as usual, the new release has a new default desktop wallpaper. Otherwise, packages are updated from Debian 10 but are a release or two behind the latest available release.

So why install Debian 11? The answer is that Debian is second to none when it comes to stability and security, including speedy updates. That is why network administrators and security experts overwhelmingly favor Debian. If stability and security are your main concerns, then Debian is the distribution for you.

Redcore Linux 2101

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