Don’t recycle your ePaper: repurpose that old eReader

Create a kiosk display from an old eReader to show data culled from Home Automation, Raspberry Pis, and Arduinos.

My daughter and I looked at trying to repurpose an old eReader. Our goal was to make a kitchen kiosk display that would show items of daily interest. For us, that included news, stocks, and weather data that we pulled from the Internet, along with some local data from Arduino, Home Assistant [1], and Raspberry Pi nodes (Figure 1).

In this article, we look at how to install Linux on an eReader and look at eReader Python apps and kiosk-mode web browser pages.

Getting Started

For this project, we used a Kobo Mini eReader, so the procedure to load a new operating system will vary somewhat according to the eReader model and manufacturer you use.


Use Express-Checkout link below to read the full article (PDF).

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