Elementary OS 6 Odin Now Available

Elementary OS has always been a Linux distribution that takes the user experience seriously. And with the latest release (version 6, aka Odin), they take that to a new level. Users will now be able to more easily select between light and dark themes and even choose the accent colors to make the UI even more personal. In fact, version 6 is the most customizable release from the elementary designers and developers. This was made possible by a complete redesign and rewrite of the system stylesheet.

But this new release isn’t all about style, as there’s plenty of substance. One of the many things the developers have done is leverage cutting-edge sandboxing technology to better enforce privacy and security. This release also makes use of Portals, which allows you to control how applications interact with one another (and your data). Within the Settings app, you’ll find an Applications Permissions section, where you can control what apps have permissions for things like Home Folder, System Folders, Devices, Network, Bluetooth, Printing, Secure Shell Agent, and GPU Acceleration.

In addition, elementary OS 6 has gone all-in on Flatpak (a modern, container format for application distribution). Many of the default elementary OS apps are now distributed as Flatpaks.

Finally, elementary OS enables multi-touch gestures out of the box, a feature that’s long overdue and very welcome.

Find out more about elementary OS 6 from the official blog and download your copy of one of the most user-friendly Linux distributions available.

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