This month we celebrate the steady and powerful Linux kernel

We celebrate 30 years of Linux with a special issue that takes you inside the kernel and shows you how to take your first steps with the kernel community.

Birthdays are always important, and birthdays that end in zero are especially significant. 30 years of Linux? Seriously? I guess we always knew that Linux was cool, but those of us who were around the water cooler in the early 90s when the first mentions of a new free operating system began to trickle out to Usenet groups never would have guessed that Linux would ever get as big as it is today, running on web servers and washing machines, desktops, cell phones, Mars rovers, and supercomputers around the world.

When we were considering a topic for the 30th birthday of Linux, it soon became clear that the only real way to celebrate was to write about Linux itself – not the agglomeration of software we know as a Linux distro, but the real Linux – the beating heart in the center of it all: the Linux kernel.

When it comes to birthdays, I should add: We ship this magazine all around the world, and it arrives on different shores on different dates over a range of almost two months. So I’m not sure when this issue will actually reach you, but the date we are commemorating is August 25, 1991, when a Finnish college student named Linus Torvalds left a message on the MINIX newsgroup announcing that he was working on a new operating system.


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