Harder than scripting, but easier than programming in C

Released back in 2012, Go flew under the radar for a long time until showcase projects such as Docker pushed its popularity. Today, Go has become the language of choice of many system programmers.

In 2012, Unix and C veterans Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson released the system-oriented programming language Go under the aegis of Google. For a long time it eked out a niche existence, before eventually becoming the industry standard for system-oriented programming. Today, observers of the Unix scene are rubbing their eyes in disbelief over the number of tools developed in Go.

To name a programming language after an everyday word such as Go seems like a pretty crazy idea from the viewpoint of a search engine operator. After all, search engines actually remove filler words such as “go” from incoming queries. So, when looking for Go programming tips, the recommendation is to search for “Golang” instead, which has also become the accepted name for the language in the community.

Quickly Installed

If you want to try Go, the easiest approach is to grab a package for your favorite distro. On Ubuntu, for example, type:


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