Freehand writing and drawing

Xournal brings the whiteboard to the PC to aid in all of your online learning activities.

Over the past year, an increase in homeschooling has given an unprecedented boost to learning management, communication systems, and curriculum-based software. When using these online learning tools, a virtual whiteboard can help enhance learning.

Xournal [1], a note-taking, sketching, and journaling app, can turn your device into a whiteboard, letting you visualize content via a stylus or tablet. Xournal’s workspace mimics a notebook page and offers a variety of tools, including a shape recognizer that recognizes geometric shapes as they are drawn. Not only can you take notes and make simple drawings, but you can also use Xournal for screencasts and real-time screen sharing during a video conference.


Xournal can be found in the repositories of all major distributions. For numerous Linux derivatives, there are packages for both 32- and 64-bit machines. In addition, the software also runs on various BSD derivatives.


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