Create screencasts with menyoki

Short snippets using animated GIFs are often sufficient to show what’s happening on your desktop. With menyoki, you can create these animations from the command line.

If you need to demonstrate complex desktop processes, a video can be worth a thousand words. Conveniently, numerous screencast tools let you record what is happening on the screen and generate a video from your actions in MP4 format. However, GIF animations are far better suited for short events. They do not display annoying blocky artifacts, can be easily sent via a messaging app, and can be quickly integrated into websites.

The menyoki [1] screencast tool lets you create animations and save the captured processes in GIF or APNG format. If so desired, menyoki can also break down videos into individual frames, which proves useful when fishing a screenshot out of a rapidly moving process or monitoring such a process in peace afterwards. Conversely, menyoki can also create an animation from individual images, making it possible, for example, to integrate photos from a wildlife camera into a short movie. In addition, menyoki lets you create screenshots and – within narrow limits – edit the individual images.

Currently, menyoki only works in an X11 session; capturing images on Wayland is not supported yet.


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