Literature management with Zotero

Reference management software like Zotero helps you easily record and organize citations and create bibliographies.

Programs for managing technical literature, often known as reference managers, are important tools for students and scientists. For larger projects such as a master’s thesis, you would find it hard to do without this kind of software.

Launched back in 2006, Zotero [1] is a powerful open source literature management program that harmonizes perfectly with LibreOffice and Microsoft Word. It is especially suitable for fields that do not usually use LaTeX for writing (i.e., the humanities, economics, health, and some natural sciences). A special version of Zotero, called Jurism [2], is adapted specifically for the field of law.

Zotero not only runs on Linux but also on macOS and Windows. It also supports mobile operating systems. Several (unofficial) apps for Android and iOS let you import and edit title data, including scanning ISBNs.


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