Create diagrams with Dia

If you need to make the occasional diagram, Dia gives you professional results with a minimal learning curve.

Diagrams make it easier to an understand complex issues. Creating such graphics using LibreOffice Draw or Gimp can quickly test your patience, as these programs offer an extremely large number of functions, which requires a massive learning curve.

For the occasional diagram, what you really need is an easier-to-use solution that gives usable results fast. With Dia Diagram Editor [1], professional-looking graphics and diagrams can be designed quickly with hardly any training.


Dia, which is based on the GTK+ toolkit, can be found in popular Linux distribution’s repositories and set up with the respective package manager. You will typically get the latest available version since the current version, Dia v0.97, dates back to 2013. You can also find other (including older) versions on SourceForge, including various BSD derivatives, macOS, and Windows. Once installed, you will find Dia in the Applications section of your desktop’s main menu.


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