A brain teaser game

Gbrainy can help you develop your logical thinking skills with a collection of brain teasers.

Not only are brain teasers fun, they also promote logical thinking skills. The PC has long since replaced the good old puzzle book, making memory training far more efficient with more flexible tasks. Gbrainy, a puzzle game originally developed for the Gnome desktop, is a fun way to train your memory.

Gbrainy includes numerous logic games from different areas. The application, which can be used across all platforms, trains both your memory and your mental arithmetic skills. The games are divided into categories (Figure 1), with three difficulty levels for each category, which lets users advance to a higher difficulty level after practice. The program also keeps a success log for each user, and if so desired, a help function is available for solving tasks.

On the Record

Gbrainy can be found in the software repositories of virtually all major distributions. Some BSD derivatives already have gbrainy in their software archives, but beware of older software versions.


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