System76 Unveils its “Launch” Keyboard

System76 loves to push every envelope possible. They’ve created one of the finest desktop computers on the market, have an outstanding lineup of laptops, and their servers are all top-notch. Soon, users will also be able to purchase an open-source keyboard, called Launch.

The Launch keyboard is a highly customizable piece of hardware with firmware based on QMK and even includes a space bar that’s been split into two keys, so you can customize one to serve a different purpose. Speaking of keys, the Launch is lit with RGB lights that can also be customized.

The Launch is milled out of a single piece of aluminum and also features a high-speed USB hub, easy key swapping, personalized application shortcuts, tenkeyless (TKL) layout (for a smaller footprint), a choice between Jades and Royals switches (for either a muted or obvious click), and an included magnetic foot to give the keyboard a 15% incline (for those who need more ergonomics).

The Launch is 100% open source and is compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows. Linux users will be able to update the firmware from within Pop!_OS. You can pre-order your Launch now from System76, starting at $285.00.

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