Write screenplays with Kit Scenarist

Creative writers take note! Kit Scenarist is a free application designed to simplify the process of writing a screenplay.

Screenplays require a specific format and make special demands on the author. Unlike a novel, a screenplay virtually reduces the story to the dialogue. You’ll also need to use a special layout based on a fixed-width font and wide margins – a standardized format that makes it easier for production companies to estimate the length of the film.

Rather than messing around with setting up this layout in a word processor, professionals use special programs, which may also include useful functions such as helping keep track of characters and locations. If you’re looking for these tools in a free application available on your Linux distribution, you won’t find many options, but one that may fit your needs is Kit Scenarist [1].


Although the cross-platform software is currently not available in the package sources of most distributions, the project website has many options for Linux users, offering RPM and DEB packages for Fedora and openSUSE or Ubuntu and Debian, among others, and the installation is usually a fairly convenient process. Only Arch Linux and its derivatives, such as Manjaro, have the program directly in the repositories where it goes by the name of scenarist.


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