Interview with Michael Lucas *BSD, Unix, IT and other books author

Michael Lucas

Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas is a famous IT book author. Perhaps best know for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Unix book series. He worked as a system administrator for many years and has now become a full-time book writer. Lately, I did a quick Q and A with Michael about his journey as a professional book author and his daily workflow for writing books.


Tell us about your upcoming books.

TLS Mastery just came out, and I released Only Footnotes on 1 April this year. My next novel, $ git sync murder, should be out in a couple months. I’m starting on a badly needed update for DNSSEC Mastery, and then it’s on to some OpenBSD books.

What do you do when you’re not crafting words?

Read. Hang out with friends and family. Read some more. Practice martial arts. Read. Clean the pet rat cage. Oh, and read.

It’s pretty much all words, all the time. I have found the task that my brain is best suited for, and I try to stay on target. I only have a couple more decades of life remaining, after all, and I have so many books left to write!

Editor’s note: You can follow Michael on Twitter for daily adventures of book author. You can directly order books from his official website too. This interview was conducted on April 16, 2021.

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