Manjaro KDE Plasma 20.2.1 and…

Manjaro KDE Plasma 20.2.1 and Clonezilla Live 2.7.1

Manjaro KDE Plasma 20.2.1


Manjaro is the most popular of the distributions based on Arch Linux. In many ways, Manjaro is to Arch what Ubuntu is to Debian: a more polished derivative that has become popular in its own right. In fact, in the last few years, Manjaro has become so popular that in 2019, Manjaro GmbH, a German corporation, was founded to manage the distribution’s legal and business affairs.

Much of Arch Linux’s development philosophy is preserved in Manjaro. Both distributions feature rolling releases, with updates issued one package at a time rather than by general releases. However, being based on Arch, the latest Manjaro packages are usually available a few days after they appear in Arch, giving Manjaro extra time for testing. Similarly, both distributions install a minimum of packages. The main difference is that Manjaro tends to have a few more packages installed by default. Even then, users are often offered a choice rather than the distro making the decision by default. For example, during installation, users can choose between FreeOffice and LibreOffice, as well as whether or not to install non-free packages.

Both Arch and Manjaro also favor simplicity. However, the most important difference between the two is that while Arch’s interpretation of that goal sometimes makes installation difficult for beginners, Manjaro features an installer comparable to that of Ubuntu that should be manageable by all levels of users. If you are curious about Arch but have had trouble installing it, then Manjaro might be a starting place for your explorations. Besides this KDE version, Manjaro also includes editions featuring Xfce and Gnome, as well as an additional nine community editions, making it a distribution to satisfy everyone.

Clonezilla Live 2.7.1

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