Linux Desktop Fun: Bonsai tree generator for CLI lovers

Bonsai (盆栽) is nothing but planting in a try. It is old age Japanese art of growing small trees in pots. Now you can do that with your Linux or Unix terminal easily for fun and profit. Let us look into the Bonsai tree generator called cbonsai created in Clang and Bash.

cloned the repo and install it as follows:

# AUR not ready? Set up AUR and we need
# packages:
# sudo pacman -S --needed base-devel
git clone
cd cbonsai-git/
makepkg -si

Installing cbonsai on Arch linux using AURInstalling cbonsai on Arch linux using AUR

How to install cbonsai on Debian or Ubuntu Linux

You need to compile source code. Naturally, you need to install GNU GCC Compiler and Development Environment under Debian. If you are using Ubuntu, see how to install GNU GCC Compiler and Development Environment using the apt command:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install build-essential git pkgconf

Make sure you install ncurses Library on a Linux to avoid “fatal error: ncurses.h: No such file or directory” on Linux as follows using the apt-get command:
sudo apt install libncurses6 libncurses-dev ncurses-base ncurses-bin
Now compile and install it:
git clone
cd cbonsai
make install PREFIX=~/.local

Here is what we see

cc -Wall -pedantic cbonsai.c -lncurses -ltinfo -lpanel -o cbonsai
install -TDm 0755 cbonsai /home/vivek/.local/bin/cbonsai

How can I install cbonsai on MacOS or *BSD family of operating systems?

The code is portable as coded in C. Compiling on macOS or *BSD is left as an exercise to the readers.

Getting started with our Bonsai tree generator


See each step of Bonsai tree growth

Pass the -l or --live option:
cbonsai -l
cbonsai --live

By default, cbonsai waits for 0.03 second in live mode, although we can control TIME in seconds as follows:
cbonsai -l -t 0.06
cbonsai --live --time 0.10

How cool is that? We can seed random number generator too:
cbonsai -l --seed=36677374
cbonsai -l --seed=$(date +%s)

screensaver mode

Want to run it in screensaver mode? Try:
cbonsai --screensaver
cbonsai -S

We can add message next to the tree as follows:
cbonsai -l -m "Welcome to nixCraft LAB"
Linux Desktop Fun: Bonsai tree generator for CLI lovers

Linux Desktop Fun: Bonsai tree generator for CLI lovers
We can also print tree to terminal when finished by passing the -p option
cbonsai -l -p -m "Welcome to nixCraft LAB"

Getting help

It is easy to show help on screen:
cbonsai --help
cbonsai -h

Summing up

It is a magnificent little fun project for desktop users. You can view source code online on project home page. If you enjoyed this Little desktop fun app, you might also like to use the following apps on Linux or Unix systems:

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