Raspberry Pi Pico released and available at $4 only

Raspberry Pi Pico released and available at $4 onlyRaspberry Pi Pico released and available at $4 only
Last year, the Raspberry Foundation also released a brand new version of the Raspberry PI PC (personal computer), and it is directly built into a small-sized keyboard. Now there is more good news for hackers and hardware developers. They just announced their first microcontroller-based product named Raspberry Pi Pico. This small device is priced at only US $4. Unbelievable price. Let us find out about Raspberry Pi Pico hardware specs and software support.

Many hobbyists and industrial applications or IoT use a Raspberry Pi with a microcontroller. A microcontroller is different than a microprocessor, which only contains a CPU. Raspberry Pi Pico includes an integrated processor, a small amount of memory, and other stuff for your application. From the blog post:

getting started guide. For power users, they are giving out a complete C SDK, a GCC-based toolchain, and Visual Studio Code integration too.

Raspberry Pi Pico hardware price

You can buy directly buy this tiny device by visiting this page and it priced at just $4, it is built on RP2040 chip.

Summing up

We can build a cool application with Raspberry Pi Pico. I can think of stuff like:

  • Light and temperature sensing and controlling those devices
  • Fire detection and building safety devices
  • Remote controls
  • Toys
  • Embedded systems and more

The RPi got an excellent ecosystem, and if you don’t need wireless connectivity, this device is for you. It has tons of gpio. The VSCode environment is going to be a massive win for the developer. MicroPython is surprisingly awesome as compared to C, especially for new developers. What would you build with such a device?

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