bpytop – Awesome Linux, macOS and FreeBSD resource monitor

The bashtop is an impressive Linux resource monitor that shows usage and stats for processor, memory, disks, and network. However, it suffers from bash itself, and cross-platform support is a nightmare. Now we have the Python port of bashtop. We can use a resource monitor that shows usage and stats for CPU, RAM, SSD (hard disk), network, and processes information in a lovely format.

run multiple commands with sudo on your macOS, Linux and Unix

Debian 11

We use the apt command:
$ sudo sh -c 'apt update && apt -y upgrade && apt -y install bpytop'

RHEL 8 or CentOS 8 or Fedora users

For RHEL 8 enable EPEL (see how to enable and use EPEL on CentOS 8) and then type the dnf command:
$ sudo sh -c 'dnf update && dnf install bpytop'

FreeBSD install bpytop

Run the pkg command to install bpytop:
$ sudo pkg install bpytop

Ubuntu snap installation

Execute the following snap command:
$ sudo snap install bpytop
However, you need to grant additional permissions too:
sudo snap connect bpytop:mount-observe
sudo snap connect bpytop:network-control
sudo snap connect bpytop:hardware-observe
sudo snap connect bpytop:system-observe
sudo snap connect bpytop:process-control
sudo snap connect bpytop:physical-memory-observe

Install bpytop on macOS using homebrew

Install install Homebrew on macOS if not already installed and then type the following commands:
brew install python3 git
python3 -m pip install psutil
brew install hacker1024/hacker1024/coretemp
brew install osx-cpu-temp
brew install bpytop

macOS users please use iTerm2.

How to install Linux, OSX and FreeBSD manually

Clone the repo and run:
git clone https://github.com/aristocratos/bpytop.git
cd bpytop
sudo make install

We can uninstall it if not needed as follows:
$ sudo make uninstall

How do I use bpytop?

All we have to do is type:
$ bpytop
And boom:

bpytop - Awesome Linux macOS and FreeBSD resource monitorbpytop - Awesome Linux macOS and FreeBSD resource monitor

bytop running on my laptop powered by Ubuntu

That’s pretty great. Here is a quick video demo for you:
check out the project page too.

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