Raspberry Pi 400 Desktop PC: Complete specs and pricing

Raspberry Pi 400 Desktop PCRaspberry Pi 400 Desktop PC
The Raspberry Foundation released a brand new version of the Raspberry PI PC (personal computer), and it is directly built into a small-sized keyboard. The Raspberry Pi 4 model was released in June 2019, and the 8GiB version recently. Let us see Raspberry Pi 400 technical specification and other details.

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If you ever loved the Commodore 64, you are going to love this one. A product like this reminds us of the computers of the early 80s. Both kids and adults will love it, and you can use it as a low-cost PC or learn programming and other topics. I always used RPi as a low-cost Linux server running git and other stuff at home, but this is very cool. What do you think? Would you buy it for your kids?

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