The Best Divi Plugins You Should Be Using in 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Divi is an incredibly popular WordPress theme with many thousands of active users. It has a range of prebuilt websites and its own drag and drop page builder, Divi Builder, designed to let you build amazing websites with the minimum of fuss. But did you know that you can also extend the capabilities of this popular with 100s of 3rd-party Divi plugins?

Divi plugins allow you to add important features to the theme family and page builder. It’s a bit like WordPress in that respect. The core system has a lot of features but plenty more power and utility comes with plugins.

Some of those plugins are made by Elegant Themes, the people behind Divi. Others are developed by third-party developers. Both are viable ways of accessing these plugins, although there can be price variations between each option.

Divi is already packed full of features but the ability to add more just makes it even more compelling as a website theme.

This article is going to list 17 of the best Divi plugins available right now. They have been tried, tested and are used frequently by the team here and by web designers who spend a lot of time working with Divi.

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What are Divi plugins and extensions?

Divi plugins and extensions work in much the same way as standard WordPress plugins. They install into WordPress and work alongside Divi to add features, optimize existing features and add essential tools you might need while developing a theme for your own use.

Divi plugins can be free or premium and come in all shapes and sizes.

We have scoured all the Divi plugins and extensions available, took suggestions from developers and asked everyone we know who works with Divi what they use.

We then spent many hours installing, using and testing each to come up with the most usable, flexible and powerful plugins.

This list is the result.

17 Best Divi Plugins

Here are what we consider the best plugins for Divi. Each offers something a little different while increasing the power and reach of Divi.

The list includes:

  1. Divi BodyCommerce
  2. Advanced Custom Types
  3. Divi Image Hover
  4. Divi Carousel Module 2.0
  5. Divi Supreme Pro
  6. Table Maker
  7. Divi Events Calendar
  8. Divi Blog Extras
  9. Divi Overlays
  10. Divi Protect
  11. Divi Toolbox
  12. Divi Essential
  13. Divi Rocket
  14. Divi Plus
  15. Divi Ghoster
  16. Divi Testimonial Extended
  17. Headers Pack

1. Divi BodyCommerce

Divi BodyCommerce

Divi BodyCommerce

Divi BodyCommerce integrates with both Divi and WooCommerce to add many valuable features to your online store. From product image animations, Ajax shopping carts, dynamic search to new layout and login pages, there is a lot on offer here.

Divi BodyCommerce enables you to flip images to show front and rear of products, build sales funnels to increase conversion, create product galleries to showcase groups and even design thank you pages to help your new customers on their way.

It’s a fully-featured Divi plugin that anybody who uses online stores should have a look at this Divi plugin.

Divi BodyCommerce costs $25

2. Advanced Custom Types

Advanced Custom Types

Advanced Custom Types

Advanced Custom Types is a Divi plugin that enables you to create custom display grids using any post type. It’s a very powerful plugin that could be ideal for all kinds of websites for whom standard post types just aren’t enough.

You can sort by post type, set specific orders, build a custom query, select different grid layout options, customize images, titles and content, together with controlling every aspect of your display.

It’s a very powerful plugin, although you do pay for the privilege.

Advanced Custom Types costs $99.

3. Divi Image Hover

Divi Image Hover

Divi Image Hover

Divi Image Hover is an excellent Divi plugin for image-based websites or online stores.

It adds over 250 image hover effects to make your images stand out from the crowd. It’s a flexible plugin that offers a lot of freedom to display images and add a little something special when a user clicks on them.

This may be a niche plugin but it’s a very effective one. Some of the effects are superb while others stand out more for different reasons. If you use interactive images on your website and use Divi or Divi Builder, this is definitely a plugin you want to try!

Divi Image Hover costs $15

4.Divi Carousel Module 2.0

Divi Carousel Module

Divi Carousel Module

Divi Carousel Module 2.0 adds a series of image carousels to any Divi theme. If you want to showcase products, services or anything at all, this is the plugin to use. It provides a number of very attractive designs with completely different aesthetics that should be compatible with most Divi themes.

The plugin enables you to customize every aspect of the carousel, how it works, how it looks, how it feels and how it operates. You can control slider timing, loops, effects, autoplay or manual trigger and just about everything you could conceivably want to control.

Divi Carousel Module 2.0 costs $29

5.Divi Supreme Pro

Divi Supreme Pro

Divi Supreme Pro

Divi Supreme Pro is a multipurpose plugin for Divi that adds a selection of extra tools to the Divi theme and Divi Builder. The plugin includes social buttons, contact forms, price lists, dividers, fonts and type effects, icons, lists, notations, gradient text effects, content reveal effects, floating effects, new buttons, social media integration options, cards, image carousels and a whole lot more.

Divi Supreme Pro also adds Divi Scheduled Element, Divi Easy Theme Builder, Divi Popup, Divi Library Shortcodes, Divi Library Widget and Divi Readmore Content extensions. That’s a lot to pack into a single plugin!

Divi Supreme Pro costs $79

6.Table Maker

Divi Table Maker

Divi Table Maker

Divi Table Maker is ideal for websites that want to take tables to the next level. This powerful Divi plugin enables you to style every element of a table including adding multiple headers, controlling column and row spans, fonts, colours, sticky headers, responsive tables and more.

The plugin connects with Divi themes or the Divi builder and provides a simple way to make tables stand out. While it has a very narrow focus, what this plugin does, it does very well indeed. If your pages use tables, this is definitely a plugin to try.

Divi Table Maker costs $35

7.Divi Events Calendar

Divi Events Calendar

Divi Events Calendar

If you run an event management company, music venue or any website that showcases performances or events, you’re going to want to try Divi Events Calendar. It’s a calendar module that expands the existing capabilities of Divi by adding new tools to the Divi Builder.

Divi Events Calendar allows you to create custom events, style them, schedule them and add supporting content to each one. It is very easy to set up as it uses slider boxes for most settings and easy to understand content areas for everything else.

It’s a simple but powerful Divi plugin that is well worth exploring if you post events.

Divi Events Calendar costs

8.Divi Blog Extras

Divi Blog Extras

Divi Blog Extras

Divi Blog Extras adds a range of new blog layout types and support for custom post types to Divi. It’s a very useful extension for websites with blogs for whom the standard layouts just aren’t enough.

Divi Blog Extras adds Category, Tag, Author, Date, Custom Post Type, and custom Taxonomy support, different layouts such as box extended, grid, classic, full width, masonry and others.

There are over 40 extra features added by this plugin that expand the existing blogging tools significantly.

Divi Blog Extras costs $49

9.Divi Overlays

Divi Overlays

Divi Overlays

Divi Overlays is a clever plugin for Divi that adds the ability to create full screen overlays and popups within a Divi theme. It integrates in the Divi Builder to create an overlay that can be triggered by an action on the page. Those triggers can be manual or automatic, providing the flexibility to create your very own modal.

Divi Overlays makes short work of creating popups, Lightbox overlays or any kind of full screen view you want. You can build global overlays for your entire site or specific ones for each page. This plugin makes it happen.

Divi Overlays costs $79.

10.Divi Protect

Divi Protect

Divi Protect

Divi Protect is a unique plugin that enables you to password protect specific areas of your website. WordPress uses passwords but they are global. Divi Protect adds another layer of password protection that can secure pages, parts of pages or areas of a website you want to keep secure.

Divi Protect is ideal for websites that use teams to provide content. You can secure the editing area or image gallery or control user profiles or membership pages. This plugin offers granular control over who can go where on your website.

Another simple divi plugin that delivers on its promise.

Divi Protect costs $21

11.Divi Toolbox

Divi Toolbox

Divi Toolbox

Divi Toolbox is a powerful Divi plugin that adds a range of effects and customization options to Divi Builder. It adds the ability to customize the logo, header, mobile menus, blog, footer and every element of a page, adding to the already powerful page building tools of Divi Builder.

Divi Toolbox is designed for ease of use and for people who want to build websites without knowing code. It integrates into Divi and adds a selection of tools to the list of options and work in exactly the same way the default tools do.

It’s obvious a lot of thought has gone into the usability of Divi Toolbox and that makes it worth checking out.

Divi Toolbox costs $89

12.Divi Essential

Divi Essential

Divi Essential

Divi Essential is another flexible toolbox for Divi Builder. This plugin adds over 40 modules and over 500 layout options within this single extension. Those modules include 3D cube sliders, Gallery Sider, Divi Review, Divi Creative Team, Divi Button Module, Divi Testimonial Carousel and a wide range of others.

Each module contained within Divi Essential adds useful tools and features to make your site more interactive, more interesting, more attractive or all three. This is one of the most feature-rich Divi plugins around.

We think everyone who uses the Divi Builder should also use this extension!

Divi Essential costs $79

13.Divi Rocket

Divi Rocket

Divi Rocket

Divi Rocket is a caching plugin that contains a range of tools designed to make your web pages load faster. While Divi is fast out of the box, this plugin adds more speed without adding more complexity.

Divi Rocket adds the opportunity to leverage browser caching, server-side caching, database optimization tools, Gzip compression, lazy loading, minify and combine JS and CSS and utilize a dedicated CDN. All within this single tool.

If you want to aceGTMetrix, this is definitely a plugin to try.

Divi Rocket costs from $49

14.Divi Plus

Divi Plus

Divi Plus

Divi Plus is one more multipurpose plugin for Divi that adds some useful tools. Those tools include Flipbox, Modal, How To Schema, Fancy Heading, Content Toggle, Form Styler, Logo slider, Timeline, Twitter Modules, Facebook 4 Modules for a total of 34 modules.

Divi Plus covers all bases. From adding features to alternative styles, there is something here for every type of website and every type of user. If you have seen some innovative features on a web page and wanted a piece of that for your own, chances are that Divi Plus provides it.

One of many multipurpose plugins for Divi but stands on its own for the number of features.

Divi Plus costs $79

15.Divi Ghoster

Divi Ghoster

Divi Ghoster

Divi Ghoster is a very useful plugin for Divi if you’re a developer or studio. It enables you to remove the Divi and Elegant Themes branding and replace it with your own. This is very useful if you’re reselling services using Divi or want to white label it for your own use.

Divi Ghoster removes every trace of branding, even from web-based theme detectors. If you’re running an agency or are reselling services that include Divi, this is definitely a plugin to get.

Divi Ghoster costs $45

16.Divi Testimonial Extended

Divi Testimonial Extended

Divi Testimonial Extended

Divi Testimonial Extended is a way to add more testimonials to a Divi theme or make those you have much more engaging. It provides unique testimonial layouts, 4 slider types and the tools to style, design and control all the testimonial layouts included in the plugin.

You probably already know how powerful testimonials can be for influencing buyer behaviour. Adding them to any commercial website gives potential customers the confidence to become new customers. This plugin makes that easy.

Divi Testimonial Extended makes short work of adding testimonials to any page and making them look good.

Divi Testimonial Extended costs $29

17.Divi Headers Pack

Divi Headers Pack

Divi Headers Pack

Divi Headers Pack is the ultimate plugin for managing headers or adding new ones. The plugin adds over 600 header types with over 60 effects with a huge selection of unique and attractive headers that can work with every Divi theme.

One neat feature of the Divi Headers Pack is the off-canvas menu. Select the menu icon and the menu slides in from off the edge of the screen. It’s a cool effect that would resonate well for some audiences. The other header types are equally engaging and useful for a wide range of uses.

This is a Divi plugin for developers who want to add the widest range of header types of their creations.

Divi Headers Pack costs $39

How to Install and Update Divi Plugins

How to Install and Update Divi Plugins

How to Install and Update Divi Plugins

Now you have a good idea of what Divi plugins to buy, now would be a good time to show you exactly how to use them.

We will first show you how to install your new plugin and then how to update it once installed.

As we have the most experience with the Divi Builder, we will use that in our example.

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Installing a Divi Plugin

Divi Builder installed like any other WordPress plugin. You will need to download it from the website once purchased rather than use the WordPress Plugins menu though. Other Divi plugins can be accessed from that menu.

  1. Download your Divi theme and Divi Builder to your computer.
  2. Open the folder and navigate to
  3. Log into your WordPress website.
  4. Select Plugins and Add New from the left menu of the WordPress dashboard.
  5. Select Upload Plugin and select
  6. Select Install Now and let the process complete.
  7. Select Activate once the option becomes available.

You should now see a new menu on the left called Divi. Select this to access your new tools!

Once you have Divi Builder installed, you can now install any extra plugins you may have purchased. If you install those before, you may not see the menu item appear or the tools until Divi Builder is present.

Updating a Plugin

Updating a Divi plugin uses the same process as all WordPress plugins. Once an update is released, WordPress is notified and will ask you to update it when you next log in.

  1. Select the Update prompt from the top of the WordPress Dashboard or use Plugins from the left menu.
  2. Check the box next to every plugin that needs an update.
  3. Select Update from the drop down box at the top.

Alternatively, you can select the Update text link under individual plugins to perform the update one at a time. 

Either way, once the update is complete, the prompt to update will disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most common questions we see and hear regarding Divi.

What is Divi?

Divi is a WordPress theme family with a huge range of templates to choose from. Designs are modern and attractive, straightforward to deploy and a joy to use. Ease of use is a trademark of Elegant Themes and the Divi Builder drag and drop page builder helps with that.

What is a Divi plugin used for?

Divi plugins are used for adding features to either a Divi theme or the Divi Builder. Some plugins will add brand new features while others will optimize or streamline existing features to add more options or make them work better. They bolt onto Divi in the same way a WordPress plugin bolts onto WordPress.

Where to find Divi Plugins?

You can find Divi Plugins on this page, over atthe Elegant Themes website or on the website of a third party developer who creates them. There are websites like ours that create lists of the ‘best’ Divi plugins too. You can find those with your favourite search engine.

How much do Divi Plugins cost?

The cost of Divi plugins depends entirely on where you buy them. Some are more expensive on the developer’s website than if bought directly from Elegant Themes. Others vice versa. Like any buying decision, check pricing as much as possible and buy the cheapest. As long as you buy from a legitimate source, you should be fine!

How to install and update a Divi Plugin?

You install and update a Divi Plugin in the same way you update any WordPress plugin. Download the plugin to your computer or search for it in WordPress. Upload it or install it and select Activate once done. To update a Divi Plugin, follow the update prompt in your WordPress dashboard.

What plugins come with Divi?

The premium version of Divi includes three plugins, the Divi Builder plugin, the Bloom plugin, and the Monarch plugin. Extra plugins can be bought at the same time as you buy Divi or afterwards. You can also buy plugins from third party developers.

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Wrapping Up

Those are what we think are the best Divi plugins in 2020. Each offers something a little different and would be ideal in different situations. Some are specifically to add features to an individual website while others are so developers can add features to customer websites.

Each is well worth the cost and offers a lot more than the price might imply.

We ended up keeping a couple of the plugins we were testing as we liked them so much. That doesn’t happen considering just how many WordPress plugins we test here at CollectiveRay. That’s how good they are!

Do you use any of these Divi plugins? Have others to suggest? Tell us about it below if you do!

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