Kubuntu Linux Focus Laptop Announced

Kubuntu is a free and open-source version based upon Ubuntu Linux. Kubuntu flavor uses KDE instead of GNOME desktop. Now, the Kubuntu project announced the first authorized laptop called Kubuntu Focus in collaboration with MindShareManagement Inc, and Tuxedo Computers. Let us see technical specs and other information.

From the blog post:

The Kubuntu Council are delighted to announce that recently the community was approached by MindShare Management with a proposal to bringing a high-specification laptop to market using the Kubuntu operating system. We were both delighted and excited to see such a project undertaken. These new laptops will be available in early 2020.

Kubuntu Linux Focus Laptop Spec

Kubuntu Linux Focus LaptopKubuntu Linux Focus Laptop

Image credit Kubuntu project

The specs are as follows:

  1. CPU: Intel i7-9750H 6c/12t 4.5GHz Turbo
  2. GPU: Nvidia 6GB GTX-2060
  3. Memory: 32GB Dual Channel DDR4 2666 RAM
  4. Storage: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe SSD
  5. Display: 16.1″ matte 1080p IPS
  6. Keyboard: LED backlit, 3-4mm travel
  7. Chassis: Metal and plastic, 0.78″
  8. OS: Linux with broad suite of curated apps pre-loaded

The device based upon the ODM hardware is the Clevo-960x. It is similar to hardware used in the current generation System 76 Oryx Pro and Tuxedo XP1610.The vendor will provide two years of limited warranty and claims of superior cooling experience for users. Users can upgrade and remove SDD, NVMe, and RAM easily. However, no words on firmware/bios, including Intel ME. Is it going to be disabled? Are they going to provide open-source firmware?

Similarly, specifications ThinkPad X1 Exteram or P1 gen two costs around USD $2200. So I guess that will be the price range for this laptop too. However, the price is yet to announce for Kubuntu Linux Focus Laptop.

The audience for powerful Kubuntu laptop

  • Linux power users
  • Sysadmin and IT pros who wish to run multiple VMs
  • Developers building apps and Linux container workloads
  • Web developers
  • AI and ML developers
  • Content creators
  • Linux Gaming
  • Video and image editing apps

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Order and pricing information


More and more vendors are supporting Linux. Earlier this year, Dell updated its Dell XPS 13 developer edition device. System76 announced it updated notebook computer with open source Coreboot firmware. And now, another vendor is preparing 16″ workstation-grade notebook for power users. However, we need AMD ryzen CPU as an option too for mobile workstation. What do you think? Would you buy Kubuntu Linux Focus Laptop?

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