Helios4 Arm-Based Open Source NAS SBC For Linux/FreeBSD

Helios4 is ARM-based open source NAS SBC (Single-board computer) for Linux. This NAS (Network Attached Storage) comes with 4 SATA 3.0 port and comes with ECC memory. Let us see some details about the Helios4 Arm-Based Open Source NAS SBC and ongoing Kickstarter camping.

What is network-attached storage (NAS)?

NAS is an acronym for Network-attached storage. A NAS server or computer can store and retrieve files from a centralized location on your LAN or Intranet. NAS device typically uses Ethernet-based connections and do not have display output. NAS do not need keyboard or mouse to operate. You can manage your NAS using an ssh-based tool or browser-based configuration tool.

NAS allows users to share data using standard protocols such as NFS, CIFS, SSH, iSCSI, FTP, SSH and more. You can turn NAS into a personal cloud. NAS supports MS-Windows, macOS, Linux and Unix clients. Advanced NAS features may include full-disk encryption and virtualization support.

Helios4 Arm-Based Open Source NAS SBC For Linux

Helios4 is an ARM-based device specially designed for Network Attached Storage (NAS). The ARMADA 38x-MicroSoM from SolidRun is main SoC (system on chip) for Helios4. Kobol claims that the specs for Helios4 are open source and it is an open hardware project.

Helios4 hardware specification

  1. CPU – Marvell Armada 388 (88F6828) ARM Cortex-A9. ARMv7 32-bit. Dual Core 1.6 Ghz.
  2. CPU feature – RAID acceleration engines and security acceleration engines
  3. RAM – 2GB DDR3L ECC
  4. SATA 3.0 Ports – 4
  5. GbE LAN Port – 1
  6. USB 3.0 ports – 2
  7. microSD (SDIO 3.0) – 1
  8. GPIO – 12
  9. I2C – 1
  10. UART – 1 (via onboard Micro-USB converter)
  11. SPI NOR Flash – 32Mbit onboard
  12. PWM FAN – 2
  13. DC input – 12V / 8A
Helios4 Arm-Based Open Source NAS SBC For LinuxHelios4 Arm-Based Open Source NAS SBC For Linux

Helios4 SBC

Helios4 software specification

  1. Armbian Linux operating system
  2. Mdadm for RAID support on Linux
  3. OpenMediaVault Linux NAS operating system
  4. FreeBSD head
  5. U-Boot the Universal Boot Loader for SBC. You need it for both Linux and FreeBSD

Helios4 pricing

Helios4 PriceHelios4 Price

Helios4 Price

  • Full Kit (2GB RAM ECC) – USD 194.60 + VAT + Shipping
  • Basic Kit (2GB RAM ECC) – USD 176.20 + VAT + Shipping


helios4 assmbled with sbc

helios4 assmbled with sbc
Overall Helios4 is a low-cost and a sturdy energy-efficient SoC NAS. It can run both Linux and FreeBSD (head) Unix operating system. It comes with 2GB ECC ram for data protection. It supports software RAID and maxes out disk support up to 48TB (4 x 12TB disks). The price is competitive too. I think it a hackers dream system due to open hardware and open source software. You can order it online here and find more information here.

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