VirtualBox 7.0 is Now Available For Installation

VirtualBox 7.0 is now ready for public consumption. Not only did this release see a major overhaul to the user interface, it finally enjoys support for Secure Boot, which means adding hosts like Windows 11 will be much easier.

Other important additions include:

  • fully encrypted VMs
  • a new resource monitor has been added
  • a more streamlined workflow for unattended guest OS installation
  • initial support added for automatic updating of guest additions for Linux
  • support for guest debugging through GDB
  • experimental support for debugging guests with KD/WinDbg

Read the official changelog for VirtualBox 7.0 to find out more.

As of now, VirtualBox 7.0 hasn’t hit the standard repositories for many Linux distributions. However, you can download installers for Linux (as well as the new extension pack) from the official VirtualBox download page.

For those who want to benefit from the new features, go the manual installation route. For those who know how complicated a VirtualBox upgrade can be, your best bet might be to wait until 7.0 hits the standard repositories for your distribution of choice.

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