TUXEDO Computers releases TUXEDO OS

TUXEDO Computers is well-known for selling Linux-powered laptops that ship with their own, Ubuntu-based, in-house operating system, known as TUXEDO OS. However, recently the company made that operating system available to the general public, which can be downloaded and installed on just about any computer.

Although TUXEDO OS was designed specifically for TUXEDO hardware, it does work on general hardware and even as a virtual machine. The OS uses a customized version of KDE Plasma and allows for running in live mode, dual booting, or a standard installation.

The installation of TUXEDO OS is fairly standard, however, when you install it on non-TUXEDO hardware, you will get a warning that states software like Tomte or the TUXEDO Control Center will not work.

The current version of TUXEDO OS is based on Ubuntu 22.04 and KDE Plasma 5.25 and defaults to Pipewire as its sound server as well as a custom GRUB bootloader. You’ll also find applications like Firefox, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, and the standard KDE applications.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that TUXEDO OS does ship with Flatpak, rather than Snap, installed by default.

Find out more about TUXEDO OS from the official TUXEDO Computer website.

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