Linux Kernel 6.0 Officially Released

Over on the Linux Kernel Mail List, Linus Torvalds announced the availability of the latest kernel by saying, “So, as is hopefully clear to everybody, the major version number change is more about me running out of fingers and toes than it is about any big fundamental changes.” 

That doesn’t mean, however, there aren’t any changes and new editions to be found in the 6.0 release. In fact, with regards to the number of commits, the 6.0 kernel is one of the biggest releases in a while.

The new additions to the Linux kernel include a new graphics driver for the AMD RDNA 3 GPU, a new audio driver for AMD’s “Jadeite” systems, support for PCI buses on OpenRISC and LoongArch systems, improved cache block management for RISC-V, new support for the Lenovo ThinkPad X13 laptop, fixes for TUXEDO and Clevo laptop touchpads, initial support for XP-PEN Deco L Drawing Tablets, support for AMD Sensor Fusion Hub for Ryzen laptops, and functioning Thunderbolt support for Intel Raptor Lake.

Other additions and changes include support for NVMe in-band authentication, improved Meltdown mitigation KPTI code for ARM64, major changes to the scheduler (including improved NUMA balancing for AMD Zen), EFI mirrored memory and ACPI PROM for Arm 64-bit, initial support for Intel Ponte Vecchio, and much more.

For those who are up to the task of running the kernel now, you can download it as source code and compile the kernel manually. Your best bet, however, is to wait until your distribution of choice makes the 6.0 kernel officially available.

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